First Poem: A Guest Blog by Kathleen Driskell

My new book Next Door to the Dead (University of Kentucky Press 2015) includes many poems I’ve written about living with my family in a Civil War era country church that is directly “next door” to a humble graveyard. We’ve lived here for over twenty years, and since then the poems I’ve written and published do concern religion, spirituality, mortality and grief, but the truth is I’ve been writing about mortality and grief since I was a child. In Next Door to the Dead, because of that, I thought it important to include this poem:
Child’s Poem for Sgt. Horace Mitchell, Jr. 1946-1968   
 War is bad.
It makes me sad.
When my uncle gets home
from Vietnam,
I will be glad.
If you’re a teacher, as I am, I want to tell you something most of my readers don’t know . . .
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