The Amazing Clint Morehead Included in Becoming a Doctor!

I'm so happy to see Becoming a Doctor
is about to be released by Norton (March 2010) and includes a fantastic essay "The Cleverest Doctor" by Clint Morehead. Clint is the son of my Spalding MFA colleague Maureen Morehead. She's a wonderful poet and one of the best teachers I know--and I should know because she was my first Creative Writing Teacher at U of L--but that's another story! Clint is a Manual, Bellarmine and U of L MD grad.

He's here in Louisville where he's a first year internal medicine resident at U of L. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with him on the Kentucky Books for Patients project, which gathers the books of Kentucky writers and puts them on the shelves of cancer centers in Louisville hospitals. It's a great ongoing project. You can visit that blogsite to see how to donate books for it.

If you'd like a preview, you can read from Clint's essay from Becoming a Doctor. It's online at the Norton site.